Konoba Udica


Konoba Udica has an impressive menu sharing some of the best dishes in Dalmatia. In addition to the special menu, you’ll find a carefully chosen wine list.

We can agree, wine is delicious and possibly the best thing ever made… especially when it’s paired with a decadent meal.

When you visit Konoba Udica, the team is sure to guide you through the wine collection to match your favorite dishes. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when dining at this island locale.

Food & wine pairing

The simple rule for beginners is to pair delicate wines with delicate flavors, medium-bodied wines with medium-weight or intensity flavors, and strongly flavored foods with wines that will stand up to the dominance. Delicate or light wines should be served with meals such as salad, vegetables, and fish. Pair this type of meal with Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc. Konoba Udica offers Posh Saint Hills, Grk Zure, Pošip Rozić, Sauvignon Galić, and Cetinka Bačić.

Medium or earthy wines should be served with different meats such as chicken, gamey meat, pork, or veal. Pair this type of meal with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, or Merlot. Konoba Udica offers Deklić Chardonnay, Veralda Malvazija Prestige Adžić Graševina, Dingač Matuško, and Nadinska Rana Vrsaljko.

Strong wines should be served with beef or organ meats. Pair this type of meal with Cabernet, Sauvignon, Syrah, or Zinfandel. Konoba Udica offers Cabernet Sauvignon Bačić, Korlat Cabernet, Korlat Sauvignon, Korlat Syrah, Rozić Plavac mali, and Volarević Plavac mali Syrtis.

Dining at Konoba Udica or elsewhere, these simple guidelines will take you far in the world of food and wine.

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Meet the team

The key player responsible for each guest’s happiness from beginning to end is Owner and Head Chef, Blaž Milić.

Blaž realized his love of cooking as a boy, as he lingered around the kitchen, absorbing every detail of his family's dishes. Logically, this led to his enrollment in cooking school, which has proven to be very successful.

With excellent professors, enormous curiosity and the will to learn, Blaž quickly graduated and started his career at the popular Zadar restaurant and hotel Niko.

Here he passionately prepared the finest seafood food to guests and his experience and know-how soon landed him a position cooking at an elite restaurant in Sutomišćica, Olive Garden.




Konoba Udica

Head Chef

Although he continued to delight guests with numerous traditional specialties, Blaž decided to seek kitchens overseas, because, as he says, there is always room for improvement.

After three years of cooking in German and Austrian restaurants, he returned to his roots in Kukljica, Otok Ugljan and opened Konoba Udica in 2017 where his love of cooking is delivered with each dish. Chef Blaž credits Mrs. Patricija, his wife and right arm, for helping him follow his dreams. Visit Konoba Udica, and you'll be welcomed by her beautiful smile at the very entrance of this distinctive local restaurant.

Although this place comes with excellent recommendation, do yourself a favor and visit Konoba Udica to experience one of the best gastronomic menus offered in Dalmatia.

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  • Loved the food and service here. Our waitress treated us like gold. Top notch everything. This seafood pasta was to die for. Beautiful restaurant!

    Ericthomas928 - via Tripadvisor
  • A great menu with very nice local dishes - lots of tasty appetizers and fresh seafood dishes. I think you can't go wrong with this restaurant. The ambience and staff are really nice.

    Miranda B - via Tripadvisor
  • Loved all the little details and the effort they put in to make you feel special.

    Iva Košćica - via Facebook
  • Family run restaurant with wondrous hosts whose service is personal and truly caring. The menu offers traditional Croatian dishes mixed with modern cooking techniques which ensure your taste buds are well and truly titillated.

    Morgan_Anari - via Tripadvisor
  • Great, really original location on seafront of Kukljica marina. Extremely polite and helpful staff. Domestic atmosphere. Tasty food. Value for money prices.

    Nikola Orlić - via Tripadvisor
  • The chef is amazing and the servers are first class. You will never forget your dining experience here.

    Linda Mazich Govel - via Facebook